The time is roughly 2 a.m. and here I sit, encased in my comfy bed, laptop in hand, trying to divert the odd feelings I have burning in my chest at this early/late hour, depending upon how you look at things, of course. This is not my first time at blogging, I have, for the better part of a year, maintained a blog on tumblr; if you’re curious, check it out. So, why the change? I have been thinking of making the change for several months now, as I use for my dabbling in all things photogenic. I suppose I want to maintain a platform where I can completely be myself, candid, open, serious, silly, and and unrelentingly quixotic.

My interests in this life are vast and varied. I love reading, (currently reading Jane Eyre and falling in love with Rochester!) Like the funny tidbit I found online somewhere, I am always finding myself falling madly in love with characters in my novels and finding them irrationally more important than some of the people in my every day life. I find that I would rather while away a day with a novel than waste my free time watching t.v. unless The Newsroom or Strike Back (If you don’t have Cinemax, get it)  are on. Yes, I watch a little more than those two, but they, by far, have my heart in hand right now. I will freely admit that Jeff Daniels and Sullivan Stapleton have a LOT to do with my obsessions, for altogether different reasons.

I also write, bastardly, I have so many stops and starts in my writing that I don’t really know if I will ever be able to finish one of these stories laid up. My muse went on permanent vacation, the sneaky bitch. -sigh- I wish she’d return I also like to take photos, watch movies that make me cry, dream of the ballet, and pine over unrequited love and the ideal of a size 8 body. Shoes, saving the world, and owning my own home are also on the brain, but then so is running away to Paris. I also love foreign cars, but hate that the Audi A3 will always live in my mind as the “Submissive Special” Thanks for that, you crappy writer you! And, yes, while I enjoyed the 50 Shades stories, I thought the grammar and syntax were crap.

So, where do these rather common hobbies leave me in my life’s purposes? I am still trying to sort all of that out. At the heart of it all, I am just a girl looking for a boy to love. I live with my sister, and a cat. I ponder, daily, the ideals of love, children, adulthood, and the like. Despite being in my 30’s, I still find myself to be very similar to the girl I was at 19: lost, hopeful, and eager.

Despite being burned by love once before, I have noticed in my solitude, that there is still a lot of miles left on these tires, so to speak. So, we shall see what my purposes in life are. Right now, I am going to go with sleep.